This poem by Ronald Horn won first prize for poetry in the Texas Technological College literary magazine, Harbinger, in 1961. It deserves to be resurrected and remembered as a powerful vision of sympathy and empathy penned by a young man, from a small town in Texas, awakening to the wide world of human suffering.

Ronald Horn enlisted in the army, and went to Viet Nam with his unit:

“On October 3rd, 1968, Ronny's unit was awakened by the sound of enemy fire and were soon being attacked by a superior NVA regiment. As a helicopter came in to bring in ammunition and supplies, the helicopter was shot down. In the wreckage of this helicopter was much needed ammunition. Ronny exposed himself to enemy fire and ran to the wreckage and retrieved much of the ammunition. After he had gathered ammo belts from the wreckage and returned to his men, as he was attempting to distribute them, he was mortally wounded by small arms fire. For these actions, Ronny was awarded a posthumous Silver Star.”