Backstory to Stereo Views, published by Troubadour Press

stereo views cover.jpg

Our Stereo Views of the Golden Era in San Francisco didn’t get much in the way of sales or distribution. But it did attract the attention of Malcolm Whyte, founder and editor of Troubadour Press, a very successful book publishing venture that specialized in novelty subjects. One key to his success was the way in which he displayed their books: on special revolving racks — which meant that all Troubadour books had their own special display, and weren’t crowded into the shelves with hundreds of other volumes. 


The Troubadour Stereo Views sold very well, and actually provided my co-author (Wayne Pope) and myself with some gratifying royalties. Malcolm himself eventually got out of the publishing business and went on to found the Cartoon Art Museum, located in the SOMA district of San Francisco.


Here's a link to my (much later) anaglyph stereo slide show of some of the planets and moons in our solar system.