Good Guys Car Show, Pleasanton, California, March,  2016

They played the Star Spangled Banner over the loudspeakers at the show. All the hats and caps came off. And though only Jeanie sang, the attitude of respect and reverence was palpable, even among the badasses.

[Comment from a friend on this phenomenon: "I have also seen a remarkable degree of patriotism at events attracting a lot of working-class people, and they do not seem to have any ironic sense about their hat removal, standing at attention, or putting hand over heart. Interesting to ponder, isn't it, that those folks seem to have more emotional attachment to the country and its symbols than do the fortunate educated "high-class" well-paid professors and executives and show business people, who are apt to be openly cynical about those things. Not sure what that means, but I don't think it's healthy."]

Very friendly folks, willing to talk and joke with complete strangers. Jeanie asked one lady where she got her strawberry slush, and the woman responded: “Right over there.” Then she held out the drink to Jeanie and said, “Want to try a sip?”

The BBQ buffet lunch was outstanding. Bill Haley, Elvis, Sinatra and Ella (!) were piped in over the loudspeakers.

Lots of thumbs up for my Stingray Corvette on the way into and out of the parking lot.

Flaming Forties

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Stylin' Roadster

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Good Guy at Good Guys

"Sons of Arthritis, Ibuprofen Chapter"

Selfie in a Pontiac hood

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Wheel Rim Mandala

DeSoto hood and ornament

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Best of Show Winner: Customized 1954 Mercury



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