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I especially like the guy running in from the right: he's ready for a dance, a sword-fight, or a meal (check out the spoon in his hat).

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Musicians who have played wedding and party gigs will recognize this scene: the drunk guy who insists on pestering the playing musician:

"Hey -- how long did it take you to learn to play that thing?" 

"Can you play Danny Boy/Blue Suede Shoes/Lucy in the Sky/Biliie Jean/...??"

"Try some of this beer!"

The moral: Avoid party-goers wearing a peacock feather (literal or metaphorical).

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The Wikipedia article on this work asserts that Bruegel is issuing a stern warning against gluttony, lust, anger, vanity and pride. Looks to me, though, that everybody (except perhaps the beleaguered musician) is having a good time.

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