Pasadena City Hall Front View

(photo: Bobak Ha'Eri)

Night View

(photo:Joshua Gunther)

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From the interior barrel vault looking out through the entrance

(photo: Wayne Frost)

Tower detail

(photo: composite)

Pasadena City Hall Inner Courtyard

(photo:cap 001-Dan)

Pasadena City Hall and Film

"The City Hall has long been a favorite shooting location for filmmakers. The courtyard was used in the 1995 movie "A Walk in the Clouds" to portray a Napa Valley town square. It has also been used as an embassy in the "Mission: Impossible" television series, and a villa in Charlie Chaplin's Oscar-nominated 1940 film "The Great Dictator." Pasadena City Hall currently serves as the city hall of fictional Pawnee, Indiana, in the television show "Parks and Recreation." The dome is visible through the window of the main characters' apartment building in the television show The Big Bang Theory, set in Pasadena." -- Wikipedia