City Hall and the Place de Grève in 1640  (anonymous Flemish painting)

Israel Silvestre, "View of the Place de Grève and City Hall of Paris," 1655

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Execution of a poisoner in front of the city hall, 1777

Jean-Michel Moreau the Younger, "Fireworks celebrating the birth of the Dauphin," January, 1782

King Louis XVI greeted by Mayor Bailly at the city hall in 1789 (painted in 1891 by Jean-Paul Laurens)

Communards set fire to the city hall, 1871

City hall in ruins before reconstruction in 1873

Reconstruction proposal by Alphonse-Nicolas Crépinet, 1873

One of the sixty-six proposals for the reconstruction of the city hall

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Proposals by Julien Guadet and Gabriel Davioud

The winning proposal by Ballou and Deperthes, 1873

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Story of the competition for the design of the rebuilt city hall, 1872-1873 (in French):


Victor Dargaud, "LHotel de Ville en reconstruction (1873)