"Occupy Oakland" at the Oakland City Hall

Protestors burn an American flag taken from the city hall

"On the night of January 28, 2012, Occupy Oakland protesters reconvened at Frank Ogawa Plaza, entered and vandalized City Hall, following the day of clashes during which 409 were arrested. Members of Occupy Oakland were seen on surveillance video prying open the building's doors and throwing garbage inside the building, knocking over a 100-year-old replica of the city hall and damaging a children's art exhibit before taking several items, including an American flag, and setting it on fire. Protestors also smashed display cases, broke down doors, overturned vending machines, damaged a classroom, cut wires in the building and sprayed graffiti inside.

"The action was criticized by Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, who likened it to a "tantrum," as well as the Oakland City Council, and Police Chief Howard Jordan, while members of Occupy Oakland blamed the Oakland Police, claiming that they were at fault for violence in the protests. At least 12 protesters facing misdemeanor charges were issued stay-away orders barring them from being near City Hall. Protestors alleged the orders were unconstitutional, while city officials contended the orders kept the Occupy protests from being infiltrated by those who had an "organized strategy to riot, clash with police officers, vandalize property and wreak havoc upon the city." Quan said the city would seek monetary compensation from protestors responsible for the damage in city hall, as well as community service cleaning up East Oakland." -- Wikipedia

Protesters and  officials meet in the main council chamber of the city hall