Today, the functions of the Freiburg city halls are scattered throughout the city in sixteen separate buildings. But the first of them — the “old city hall” — was first mentioned in the fourteenth century. Since that time, the building itself has been altered many times, and eventually connected to the “new city hall” building — once a pair of private houses. The old city hall was, at different times, covered with murals on the exterior walls; but the depredations of climate led the town council to abandon the effort and  given the building a bold, brick-colored paint.

Old Freiburg city halls murals

The elaborate interior of the old city hall was completely destroyed in World War II, and has been replaced by modern decor. The courtroom, however — the oldest in the building, originally dating from at least the early fourteenth century (and possibly earlier), has been reconstructed to something like its appearance in the sixteenth century: