The old town hall of Düsseldorf has expanded over the years to include three separate buildings:


  1. The old city hall, designed by Heinrich  Tussmann and constructed from 1570-1573 and modified in 1749 by Johann Joseph Couven 
  2. The Wilhelminischer Bau, built on the site of an old theater, destroyed and rebuilt after World War II
  3. The “Grupello House” (last connected building on the right of the main city hall building). The building was originally designed by Matteo Alberti for the Duke Johann Wilhelm, who subsequently bequeathed the house to his court sculptor, Gabliël Grupello. Later, the house was given by the Prussian government to the city of Düsseldorf, which incorporated it into its city hall. The “Grupello House” was heavily damaged in World War II and subsequently rebuilt but with less decoration.

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