Los Angeles City Hall from Hill Street


"“Great care was taken to see that the [Los Angeles] City Hall was constructed of native materials.  California granite faces the exterior up to the fourth floor.  A melange of local ores formed the bronze for the ceremonial doors of the forecourt.  The building’s mortar was mixed with sand from each county, cement from each mill in the state, and water from each of the twenty-one missions.  Inside, the building features a four-story Spanish-Gothic rotunda and, in a heavily romantic style, several marble mosaics depicting local history.” -- Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles by Elizabeth Ward and Alain Silver


Civic Center Plaza, seen from the top floor of the Los Angeles City Hall

MGM Studios lighting the Los Angeles City Hall at the dedication ceremony, 1928

(photo: Matthew Field)

(photo: Matthew Field)

Rotunda ceiling paintings Herman Sachs and Anthony Heisenbergen, designer by Austin Whittlesley.

(photo:  DT Los Angeles View)

Brass floor plaque on the third floor depicting "The Lost Ship of the Desert"

Interior hallway ceiling

Office door

The Los Angeles Times estimates the number of local gang members to be 120,000

Dining at the Homeboy snack shop in the Los Angeles city hall

Badge of the Los Angeles Police department

Los Angeles City Hall as Superman's/Clark Kent's Daily Planet

(art by Kiel Bryant)

(art by Kiel Bryant)

Aliens destroy the Los Angeles City Hall in War of the Worlds (1953)