Buenos Aires, Argentina

1890-1893; Juan Cagnoni, architect

Lima, Peru

1548; Diego de Torres, architect and builder

(Photo: Manuel González Olaechea y Franco)

(Photo: Manuel González Olaechea y Franco)

Mexico City, Mexico

1527-1532; Pedro de Arrieta and José Miguel Alvarez, architects

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Orizaba, Mexico -- old iron city hall designed by Gustave Eiffel

"The old City Hall El Palacio de Hierro (The Iron Palace) in the centre of the city was designed by Gustave Eiffel. Built with 600 tons of Belgian steel, its parts were shipped from Belgium during the Porfiriato (the government of Porfirio Díaz), to be assembled in Orizaba. The palace cost 100,000 pesos (Gold) a very large sum at the time,considering 1 peso gold was 3 dollars at the time. It was Don Manuel Carrillo Tablas who not only loaned the money to the city, but also had to pay the additional cost of unloading the palace from the port and having it reassembled at its present location, the Plaza de Armas. Unfortunately, Don Manuel Carrillo Tablas died New Year's Eve of 1899 without ever having received a cent from the city for his loan. He was a very charitable man, though, having donated the land where the present Cathedral of Orizaba now stands, as well as the adjacent shopping center known as "El Mercado." El Palacio de Hierro served as the City Hall until the city felt it was not large enough for the growing needs of the local government and therefore moved to its present location." -- Wikipedia

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Erected in 1923

Known as the Pedro Ernesto Palace, the Rio city hall was for a time the central office for the nation of Brazil until the federal government moved to Brasilia.

San José, Costa Rica