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Think about this one: the doctor can't lose!

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For the viewer, the narrative element in the "amnesia" cartoon consists of imagining the future scenarios in which the patient fails to collect on the doctor's offer.

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Not "optometrist":

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Part of the humor here is that there exists an office for I. Bright the optimist. All of us could probably use a session with Bright -- though if his advice to the man who has just left proves wrong, the "patient" will have to visit a real eye (not "I")  specialist.

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Virtue-signaling as a sales ploy:

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There are at least five virtue signals in the salesman's offer.

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The logic of governmental mandates:

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Imagine the airflight on which every passenger carries a gun. What could possibly go wrong?

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A spoof of the fears about the escalation of destructive weapons in war:

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Imagine the narrative sequence in which the brave charges the enemy line with his super-weapon!

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No doubt that he doesn't follow directions, the medicine will prove ineffective:

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Maybe if the patient could learn to sleepwalk to the medicine counter...

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There are a few coins at his feet...


At least some passersby were moved to contribute. I would.

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