Statue of Henri IV, sculpted in 1829 by Héral-Legendre, replacing a statue of Louis XIV destroyed during the French Revolution

Drawing by a Persian artists of the triumphal entrance into Lyon, 1595

"The Royal Entry, also known by various names, including Triumphal Entry, Joyous Entry, embraced the ceremonial and festivities accompanying a formal entry by a ruler or his representative into a city in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period in Europe.The entry centered on a procession carrying the entering prince into the city, where he was greeted and paid appropriate homage by the civic authorities. A feast and other celebrations would follow.

"The Entry began as a gesture of loyalty and fealty by a city to the ruler, with its origins in the adventus celebrated for Roman emperors, which were formal entries far more frequent than triumphs." -- Wikipedia (

Lyon was the first city to acknowledge Henri IV as the legitimate ruler of France, in part as a consequence of his conversion to Catholicism.