There are people who manage to unite worldly advantage with the moral cachet of victimhood.

They treat women like a liquid refreshment. That the women are thirsty too is inadmissible.

Snobs are not reliable. Some things they like are good.

A comprehensive education is a well-stocked pharmacy; but there is no guarantee that a sniffle will not be treated with cyanide.

Newspapers have approximately the same relation to life as Tarot ladies to metaphysics.

Politics and theater: rhythm is everything, meaning is nothing.

Dignity makes people palatable, as horseradish does ham.

The philosopher thinks from eternity into the moment, the poet from the moment into eternity.

You wouldn't believe how hard it often is to translate a deed into a thought!

Father, forgive them, for they know what they do!

The Torch, published by Kraus from 1899-1936

The Torch, published by Kraus from 1899-1936